"Chemical Butterflies" Out September 2018!

Seattle natives Cold Comfort have been working hard on the new album "Chemical Butterflies" for the past two years. Recorded at The Unknown in Anacortes, Wa, Chemical Butterflies is a culmination of weeks spent writing, practicing, and even sleeping in the studio! The album verges on neo-psychedelia while keeping grounded in a tight, driving rhythm-section. Swaying from progressive songwriting techniques to visceral vocal harmonies, Chemical Butterflies is a definite leap forward for the band; pushing their own musical boundaries, but staying true to the songwriting that first brought them together. The band performed at Upstream Music Festival to kick off the season and will be performing many other shows in the area throughout the summer.


Ryan Crace
Dekker Deen
Dustin Ryerson
Dakota Lupton
Andy Jauhola