Cold Comfort cultivated their rambunctious, upbeat rock and roll playing together around the bonfires and beach parties of their youth. Growing up together in Port Townsend, Washington, Cold Comfort’s music evolved and matured to reflect the enduring bonds of its bandmates. Their songs crackle with life, possessing a depth of emotion uncommon to the work of songwriters so young. Ringing guitars, steely percussion, and infectious rhythms
are crafted into a refined sound, yet the feeling is still raw. Effortless soulful howls punctuate soaring vocal harmonies, while lyrics dance from bruisingly honest to gleefully irreverent.

Moving to Seattle in 2011, Cold Comfort have become regular headliners in clubs all across the city. Known for high-energy performances and attracting large crowds, Cold Comfort released its debut album Why We’re Here, Why We Left in the Spring of 2016.

Cold Comfort’s songs touch on memories; good and bad, the loved ones you make them with, and the friends that make it all worthwhile. So grab yours and come make some new memories with Cold Comfort.

Ryan Crace
Dekker Deen
Dustin Ryerson
Dakota Lupton
Andy Jauhola

(left to right)