Top Rock Bands

Over the past few decades, the most popular musical direction is rock, whose fans can be found in the most remote corners of our planet. Dozens of rock bands appear every year, some of them even become popular, gathering tens of thousands of people to concerts, and selling hundreds of thousands of albums. However, only a few rock bands become truly legendary with millions of devoted fans, and their songs become classics. Meet the ten best rock bands in the world.


Nirvana entered the rock music scene as a grunge band in the late 80s in Seattle. The debut album “Bleach” was released in 1989, and fame and fame came in 1991 after the recording of the album “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Nirvana is not just another rock band, but a symbol of generation X, and the leader of the group, Kurt Cobain, in his voice. In 1993, the album In Utero was recorded with completely unprocessed recordings from a commercial point of view, but the singles from which rose to the top of the charts and sold very successfully. In 1994, Kurt Cobain commits suicide, and the group ceases to exist, but Nirvana records continue to be wildly popular. In total, 3 studio albums were recorded, which sold 100 million copies.


The British rock band appeared in the mid-60s, experimenting a lot at first, constantly changing the composition of the performers. The band’s high point came in the 1970s, after the recording of their second album Queen II in 1974, the compositions from which hit the American and British charts. After the release of the album “A Night at the Opera” in 1975, it receives a cult status. In the 80s and 90s, Queen continued to boldly experiment, creating truly immortal songs, where the most iconic albums were “The Game” and “Innuendo”. In total, 16 studio albums were released, which sold 300 million copies.

The Doors

The American group The Doors appeared in 1965 in Los Angeles, became a symbol of the late 60s, giving out songs with deep subtext to the mountain. The heart of The Doors was the tandem of Morrison and Krieger, who together created all the iconic tracks of the group. The first album “The Doors” immediately became a hit, being considered one of the best in rock music. After the death of Jim Moorrison in 971, the rock band actually ceased to exist, although a couple more albums were released. In total, nine studio albums were released, which sold 100 million copies.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The American-British team appeared in 1966, whose soul was Jimi Hendrix, who was able to create a whole direction in rock music, experimenting with the guitar and creating a simply breathtaking cocktail of blues, soul and rock and roll. In total, three studio albums were released, which have become classics and are still sold in huge numbers.