The best hard rock bands in the world

Classic hard rock bands

The first include Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, recognized as the three pillars of hard rock. They are the best hard rock bands.

Led Zeppelin. The group is recognized as the best hard rock band and is the founder of the genre, as well as a pioneer of heavy metal. It was the “zeppelins” that laid the foundation and developed the basic principles of sound for future generations. It was also the Zeppelins who first began to write rock ballads, which became a hallmark of hard rock in the 80s.

Black Sabbath. The musicians are considered the founders of heavy metal and many other styles of heavy music. Also, their song Paranoid influenced the formation of punk rock. The early Black Sabbath albums, and especially Tony Iommi’s riffs, had a great influence on the way guitarists played in the late 70s.

deep purple. Another significant group Albums of the third lineup (Mark III) are considered classics of the genre, which is still recognized as one of the best rock songs. This is especially true for Machine Head and In Rock albums, which take 2nd and 3rd places in the list of the best hard rock albums in the Classic Rock edition list.

Uriah Heep. This group is often forgotten, because even in Britain they are considered only the 4th hard rock group. However, the work of the “hips” of the early 70s brought a lot to the development of music. David Byron’s high-pitched vocals soon became the benchmark for some heavy styles, and songs like July Morning are regarded by connoisseurs as classics as Child in Time or Stairway to Heaven.

Def Leppard. The British band is a prominent representative of the era of the new wave of heavy metal. However, they soon moved away from heavy music towards a more commercial sound, which subsequently developed in the Americas into a distinct genre of Glam Metal.

Post-classic hard rock bands

The teams that continued to popularize and develop the genre, which is symbolic, are not the British. Raised in the mists of London, the genre has evolved under the hot American sun. It is advisable to include all the following foreign hard rock groups among the leading teams of American hard rock.

Kiss. The main merit of the collective is the formation of the atmosphere of the show at concerts, which is now characteristic of all groups of heavy genres. Incendiary in every sense Kiss concerts and bright make-up contributed to the popularization of the group, and their work in the 70s is recognized as one of the best to this day.


Aerosmith. The team, which for the United States became a counterbalance to the British hard rock invasion. This hard rock band experienced a slump in the 80s, but in the 90s they returned to the top with the famous ballads Crazy and Cryin’.

Bon Jovi is one of the iconic bands of the hard and heavy era. It was Jon Bon Jovi who became the progenitor of the direction of melodic hard rock. The main achievement of the hard rock group is the album Slippery When Wet, which sold more than 25 million copies and is considered the best-selling record among American hard rock bands of the 80s.

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Van Halen. It was Eddie van Halen who happened to make a revolution in the sound of the guitar in heavy music. His two-handed tapping technique, invented early in his career, became especially popular in the eighties, changing the sound of all the bands of the new generation. The first attempts to light up Van Halen made back in 1976 with the help of Gene Simmons, but bassist Kiss turned out to be a poor assistant.

Guns n’ Roses. In fact, they became the last significant group in the history of hard rock. Their song “Welcome to the Jungle” was even voted the most played by VH1, and the debut album Appetite for Destruction is considered the most successful debut, as evidenced by its sales, which almost reached the Bon Jovi record. It is symbolic that the same Jon Bon Jovi gave them a start in life.

Simply the best hard rock bands

But there are two more bands that every music fan knows about. They did a lot for the formation of the genre – some gave it enthusiasm, while others gave it soul. We are talking about hard rock bands with Australian and German roots, which successfully took root first in England and then in the USA.

AC/DC. Incendiary Australians presented the world with a completely different kind of hard rock. Instead of long compositions with an abundance of solo parts and high vocals, they offered the perky three chords and the hoarse voice of Bon Scott, which became the hallmark of the band’s early work. It is AC / DC, together with Led Zeppelin, that is considered the most commercially successful hard rock group, and their album Back in Black is the best-selling hard rock record, second only to the works of Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson.

Scorpions. The German pioneers continued the work of the Zeppelins. It is their love lyrics that are considered the reference on the world stage. They were the first to lift the curtain on commercial success for bands from continental Europe.