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Sasha Boole

Sometimes it may seem that the folk performer Sasha Bul lives not in Chernivtsi, but in Krakow or another Polish city – so often he appears on posters there.

It got to the point that one evening he was stopped by the Polish police – just to thank him for a good concert.

The tour that Sasha is on right now includes two dozen cities in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine.

At home, the musician is also already quite popular and respected – at one of his concerts in Kyiv, for example, Maria Burmaka was sitting almost in the front row.

And once, during a break between performances, Sasha Bul played in the Air Force Studio Ukraine.


The cover of the new album Drudkh “Borozna broke off”

The appearance of this Kharkov black metal band in the selection may seem strange, since it does not perform live at all, and very little is known about its members. Drudkh also officially appeared in somerezhs relatively recently.

However, the mantle of secrecy only added to the aura of the cult group among fans of extreme heavy and atmospheric music around the world.

The peculiarity of the group is that the lyrics are based on the texts of Ukrainian classics, in particular Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Vasily Stus, Oleg Olzhych, Mykola Vingranovsky.

The news about the next album in 2015 immediately became a sensation, and on the records it scattered in a matter of weeks after the appearance.

“The record is gloomy. More gloomy than usual. It has something that the previous ones do not have. What else to expect from a Ukrainian band whose country has been invaded,” wrote the head of the French label Season of Mist, which publishes the group.


Going on tours, especially performing at the venues of large-scale festivals, has long been no surprise for this “Cossack” group from Kyiv.

In 2015, even by their standards, the band visited a lot of places – at the Sziget festival in Hungary, as well as in Estonia, Romania, Poland, Austria, Germany and Slovakia.

And after the release of the album “Ukrop” there were also many concerts in Ukraine.

The new program, as the band members told Air Force Ukraine, consisted of “folk music, modern musical styles and a clear social message.”

From Vinta

Another native Rivne Ot Vinta, like “Gaidamaki”, belong to the top Ukrainian rock bands – they have a bunch of published albums, many concerts, broadcasts on radio and television, as well as fans.

And not only in Ukraine. In 2015, for example, energetic guys in yellow overalls opened the festival “Ukraine in the center of Lublin”, played at the Lowlands festival in the Netherlands, at many other events, and also in “Dupe” – this is such a club in Lublin.

In addition, Ot Vinta traveled to the front line a lot, where they played for the ATO fighters.

Make Like A Tree

A desperate traveler and a boundless dreamer – Sergey Onishchenko from Kharkov, who performs under the pseudonym Make Like A Tree, wrote a blog on BBC Ukraine about his 2.5-year journey.

During the last tour, most of which he hitchhiked, Sergey played 250 shows in about 15 countries. Among them are China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand.

“I was lucky, because music is something that is understood in all countries, regardless of languages ​​and religions. Every time I play my songs, I feel a very strong connection with the audience,” he told BBC Ukraine.

He is also a photographer and always accompanies his performances with an exhibition of his own photographs.


The success of the project of Natalia Zhizhchenko – the former soloist of the Tomato Jaws group – and Evgeny Filatov, known from The Maneken group, was lightning fast.

Many people liked the combination of electronic music, gentle vocals and Ukrainian folk instruments.

In 2015, ONUKA was one of the most desired bands of almost all major Ukrainian festivals.

In the spring, the band won the competition of Ukrainian performers and became the headliner of the British Knights Europe Stage as part of Sziget, and also played several other concerts in Europe.

It was not possible to perform in America and Canada, where concerts were already planned, only because of visa problems.

“2015 was very interesting and important for each of us. We did a lot for the first time in our lives and we succeeded!”, the team’s Facebook page says.