Recording in Kyiv was upgraded in 2016–2017, but through the change of studios and other production facilities and mastering people, the release of the originally planned LP happened to switch to the EP format.

“The lyrics on this release of the world are about marriage and separation from close people, to inspire positive vibes in music as a matter of course. on the front, that one likes to play with different genres, and also it’s important that it’s the best for the kilkist, ”the keyboardist Lyosha Bruno spoke at the commentary.

A Belarusian artist and musician, a member of the Super Besse team Sasha Sinitsa, who repeatedly painted posters for WornPop Movement events, worked above the lining.

At the nearest future, the group plans to release the tracks presented live earlier.

Probably, on the site there are reviews of the debut mini-album “Modern Crypts” (2013) and the EP “Issue de Secours” (2014). Also, the fortune-telling debut album took it to the top 50 Ukrainian releases of the decade of 2010–2019.

Cold Comfort is a Rivne post-punk/coldwave group, created like 2012 rock. Discography narahovuє three mini-albums and low singles. Spivpratsyuє trio with the label Worn Pop. In an hour, the reason came up with the dates of a decal of concerts in Poland, Nіmechchyna, Russia and spent it on the collection of the cult Greek label Fabrika Records.

Haujobb. – Cold Comfort

Extreme real dream
Perpetually hammering
Moving pictures around
Some smell of industry
Don’t know what’s happening
Something fills me up with greed
I feel cloned
Yes, I am home

Order forms originals
Same shit a million times
Equal products compete

With each other for to breathe
Never leave
A stable existence
Fixed fragments
Of a single entanglement

Maintain a constant pulse beat
Close to the environment
Planet me
So necessary neverending clarity
Excluding any possibility
Trust me
We define everything